Chapter 13

If you are seeking to protect a home, condo, automobile, or other valuable asset, you may want to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to protect your assets. At Kopelman & Kopelman LLP, we are experienced in bankruptcy law and dedicated to helping our clients find the right debt solution.

Please contact us if:

    * you want to eliminate taxes owed to the IRS or the State of New Jersey and/or repay taxes without further penalties or interest

    * you want to protect your home from foreclosure

    * you want to recover from debt but want to protect your home

    * you have valuable assets you do not want to liquidate to pay off your debts

    * consolidate your debts and reduce your monthly payments

    * you want to regain possession or prevent repossession of your automobile that was recently repossessed

Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can file a debt repayment plan. Protect your assets, including your car and home, while repaying your debt. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to use a repayment plan. This is a non-liquidating bankruptcy that allows filers to save their homes and protect other assets. Under certain circumstances you may be able to eliminate second or third mortgages.

You can restore your credit after bankruptcy.

You can file for bankruptcy and still buy a home.

After you file for bankruptcy, you will have the opportunity to restore your credit. Many people think that if they file for bankruptcy, they will be unable to buy a home. Once your debt is removed and you have the opportunity to rebuild your credit score, you will be eligible for several loan types. However, if you do not file, your debt will continue to accumulate, and it is unlikely you will be able to obtain a loan, File today and start fresh so that you can start to rebuild your credit record.

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  • Things had been going from awful to dire. I didn’t think there was a chance to keep my house, let alone my business and my wife. I’ve kept everything - and it’s thanks to you. I thought I’d have to see a judge. But going with you for my 341(a) meeting was not scary at all. You made the experience tolerable and understandable. God bless you.

  • You held my hand and walked me through this mess. I will be forever grateful. I’m still and my new job and things are really looking up. Your entire office made things such a easy experience.

    Mr. & Mrs. L

  • Thank you for everything. I knew the moment I met you that things were going to get better. You put me at ease. I was initially really embarrassed to file for bankruptcy.... but you made me understand that this was my right and it’s all about going forward. Thank you again.

    Melissa & George